Who can be considered to be a Hindu?

Why I love Hinduism

From the Forum for Hindu Awakening


If we think of Hinduism in a limited context, we may think of it as a religion and then whoever is born in that religion would be considered a Hindu, i.e. a Hindu by birth or a JanmaHindu. However, in reality Hindu Dharma is an attitude; and it is far more than a religious ideology. This article goes by the definition of Hindu given in the Hindu Holy text the Merutantra, which essentially shows, that to be a Hindu is an attitude.


In the Holy text the Merutantra, the word ‘Hindu’ is defined as ‘Hinani Gunani dushyati iti Hindu.’ Meaning that which destroys or dushyati the inferiorRaja-Tama components or guns (subtle spiritual components) is a Hindu. Thus, to be a Hindu is to follow a way of life that enhances the spiritually pure Sattva component and Sattva predominant qualities like…

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