This whole universe is the body of God. The entire world is God or Virat Svarupa.

This world is not a world of dead matter, but a living Presence. Brahman or the absolute manifests itself as the universe through forms.

Creation is a joyous expression of the one.

A king played the part of the beggar for his own sporting. A Sage played the part of a fool for his own sporting. Even so, this world is a sport of LILA OF BRAHMAM.

Brahmam appears in the world. It is Brahmam alone that shines in the world of variegated objects. Brahmam himself appears as stone, tree, stars, etc. The one consciousness alone appears as the universe of plurality.

Just as one man alone becomes many in dream. So also the one God exists as many.

The whole universe is Brahmam only in essence. All this is Brahmam only, appearing in Brahmam and through Brahmam.

Earth, food, fire and sun are form of Brahmam. East West North and South are parts of the Lord. The sky Heaven Ocean are portions of Brahmam.

Swami Sivananda.


The city of the unborn (Brahmam) whose knowledge is permanent, has eleven gates. Adoring Him, one does not grieve and liberated (from all bonds of ignorance), he becomes free. This verily is THAT.


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