From Where Did The Brahmins Come?

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One of the most controversial topics is whether the Aryans invaded India and later settled here and if so from where did they come from?

I have already posted a blog .The Myth called Aryan Invasion’

The scientific research proves that there is no Aryan Invasion at all.

I will be adding some more points to disprove this Myth and before that there are some questions to be answered ,the questions arising out of Ramayana.

Rama and the others ; hailing from the Northerner part of India and if the Ramayana is a fact,which it is( I have posts on this under Hinduism),Lord Rama and others should have been fair-skinned,

But the description of Rama is Blue Black.

This is based on the conception of Lord Vishnu as Black in color.while Lakshmi is Golden (Hiranya varnaam(Sri Suktham), Lord Shiva of Reddish Hue,Parvati of greenish hue, as per the Purana.

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