What Is Yoga Iswara Gita By Vyasa

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I have posted some articles on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, explaining the sutras ( I shall continue, though I have not been posting on this for some time,thank you Krishnan for reminding me).

I found another system of Yoga propounded by Veda Vyasa.

He explained the essentials of Yoga to the Rishis, including Soodha, who was narrating the Puranas to the Rishis.

This Yoga is called the Iswara Gita.

It, like the Yoga of Patanjali, contains the Eight Steps,Ashtanga.

Yoga is defined as the ‘Establishment of communication between the Paramatman annd Jivatman, Individual Soul and the Universal Soul.

Theses Eight steps are.

1 .Pranayama,Breath Control.



4.Truth, Ahimsa and Sathya.

5.Studying The  Vedas,Worship of Gods, Prayer and Meditation, this is called ‘Ruyama’

6.Choosing A Deity and Pray to Him or Her.This is different from the Meditation mentioned above in that here a…

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