The Shakti Peetams Complete List

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About a week back I chanced upon a copy of Bhaskararaya‘s commentary on Sri Lalita Sahasranama.

I posted an article on this with the intention of posting some more on the subject.

Somehow I never got around dong it.


Reason was I wanted to get to know further details on Shakti worship and Tantra Shastra.

Though I am reasonably with the Tantra Shastra I had  reservations.

Now , as it happens when I think of writing some thing, the reference books keep coming to me, with out my seeking them.

I have now two excellent references.

So the post.

Apart from worshiping God as an Impersonal principle, Hinduism treats them as Personal Gods with Human Attributes.

Thus one would find Upanishads,Purusha Suktha efining or describing th Brahman as the Ultimate Reality,we also have Narayana Suktam,Sri Suktam,Vishnu Suktam,Durga Suktam, Rudra and Chamaka, not to speak of the…

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