Mantra: what it is & what it does

The Hindu perspective

Shri_YantraIf we observe ourselves we can see that all day long there is background chatter in the mind. It may be the repetition of some song we have heard on the radio, it may be a rehashing of some experience we have just had, an insult or argument for example, or a consideration of what we are about to do, but all the time this background activity is going on. It forms the field of our thoughts and serves to drain away our energy of attention.

It is usually not possible for us to directly silence the mind into a meditative state. Our mind is too divided and we have too many unresolved conflicts. It is, however, always within our power to chant a mantra.

Mantra is one of the most simple and effective tools in Hindu spirituality. Its simplicity makes mantra well suited to our modern-day lifestyles. But few…

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