Yama God Of Death In World Cultures

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One of the methods I have adopted in tracing the movement of Human migration and the Sanatana Dharma is to check the geographical locations mentioned in the Hindu Texts and cross checking them with the geographical locations available to-day.

Another was linguistics.


Yet another approach as through the Cultural practices and religious landmarks, signs.


I have posted quite a few articles on this basis to show that it was Sanatana Dharma that was practiced in the world, with no exceptions.


In the middle of this quest it struck me to check these facts through the Deities worshiped by Sanatana Dharma, that too the Deities that are not so popular as Rama , Krishna, Shiva or Murugan.


One such Deity is the God of Death Yama.


Yama is the son of Surya, the Sun God and He is the personification of Dharma ho discharges His functions…

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