Who is Kali anyway? (Mahavidya Series Pt. I)

The Story of the Four

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Her name is synonymous with death, and time.

She wears a necklace of severed heads, holds one in her hand, and with her long, extended tongue she thirsts for blood.

Headless corpses piled on the ground behind her, she, her mighty blade raised aloft, (often) stands atop Siva and Parvati engaged in copulation.

This, my friends, is Kali.

When I introduce my Introduction to World Religions class to Kali, I ask for their first impressions. The most common responses I receive are “evil” and “bad.”

A natural response if you come from a Western tradition and immediately associate death with evil. But when it comes to Kali, nothing is further from the truth.

So as part of my “Who are the Gods anyway?” series of posts, today I write about Kali.

Now in no way do I presume this to be an exhaustive account of this amazing goddess (for…

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