Death: The Certainty of Life


Do you think death is really worth grieving about? Do you think we should live forever? That no one should die?

Well. scientifically (and hence logically) people cannot or should not live forever because it would lead to disastrous overpopulation. There isn’t a lot of place for everyone to live forever.

I’m sure there are a lot many scientific reasons to support mortality, but I’m not here to discuss all those.

I want to specifically draw your attention to the necessity of death according to spirituality, and how Hindu Religion explains death.

I had mentioned this in my post – “God or god” that the Soul exists in every being. This Soul is immortal. The Soul is the life force in all living things. When someone dies, it merely means that the Soul no longer exists in that body, and has moved on to another body. It’s quite simple to…

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