Sri Ganesha Namaha:    

                            Sri Gurave Namaha:                                                                            

Kreem Kalikayai Namaha:



Maa Sree Dakshina Kali

 Dear Friends,   

Welcome to my blog.   I dedicate this blog to the Lotus Feet of Maa Kalika. I am a devotee of  Maa Dakshina Kalika, the  Divine Dark Mother of the Universe.  As a devotee, I would like to share with you some details on worhip, Her various manthras for invocation  and attaining Her Grace, apart from other  interesting subjects of  Maa Kalika.    The Manthras etc. have been made in Tamil for the benefit of Tamil  devotees. Kakaradi Kali Sahasranama Sthotra is a very powerfull sloka and I have given complete tamil explanation for the same.  I have included many other subjects on Sadhana etc. and  also blogged complete version Sree Devi Baghavatham in English.
Hope you enjoy reading.

krish subramanian



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